Red Hot Chili Paste

Red Hot Chili Paste

Hello Friends,

Do You Love chilies…  how much do you like it, for me i love to put chilies in every thing i eat. Chili flakes, green chilies, dried chilies, fresh chilies, chili paste, chili pickle, its always in my pantry.  Those store bought chili paste are not hot enough so i make my own chili paste every time i am out of chili paste.

Today make a chili paste with me, its simple,

Ingredients :: Red pepper (kashmiri), mustard seeds, Garlic, vinegar, sugar, hing, salt.

Cooked the pepper and cool, heat up the oil, add mustard seeds, then garlic, stir and remove from heat, transfer to another bowl,(do not let it burn) let it cool.

strain the pepper, and keep the water for later used.

Now in a mixer or Blender, put the pepper, the bowl of oil, add hing, salt, vinegar, and a little bit of sugar. pour in the water (from boiling the pepper) little by little so that it get mix well.

Chili Paste
Chili Paste

You can serve it as a dipping sauce or used as an ingredient for stir fry or any other…. Enjoy!!!

Happy Cooking!!!

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