How to cook savoury rice dish with Colocasia Leaves (Dol Tangal Mehpok)

How to Cook Savoury Rice dish with Colocasia Leaves (Dol Tangal Mehpok)

Mehpok is a savoury rice dish or rice porridge flavoured with meat, veg, herbs, it can be eaten as it is, or served as side dish.  As for me it is my comfort food. I am always up to mehpok anytime. It has similarity to rice congee and risotto.

Today lets cook colocasia leaves mehpok, using few ingredients.

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Colocasia leaves
Dried meat or smoked meat
Soda bicarbonate or tangal- a distilled fresh-ash water

Clean the colocasia leaves, using hand break the leaves (you can chop or cut them).
Cut the meat into desired size.
Clean the rice.
Clean the ginger and thinly sliced them.

Mehpok, Dolpok, Tangal MehPok, Uti
Mehpok, Dolpok, Tangal MehPok, Uti

Boiled the rice in a pot with the dried meat and and when it comes to boil add the colocasia leaves, bring to boil again and then lower the heat. when the rice starts breaking up add cooking soda, foam will rice, keep stiring till the foam subsides, then add salt mix well then keep cooking in low heat, stirring in between.

#This is optional but you can add tempering for mehpok right this time, for tempering fry the chives, onions, ginger, hing then add it to the mehpok pot, then start stirring till u get a slightly thick gravy… ( For vegetarian i recommend doing this, and minus the dried meat).

If you don’t want to go with the tempering, add ginger, stir till the gravy consistency is slightly thick.

You can eat as it is or Served with Hot steam rice!!!

Happy Cooking!!!

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