Havai/Matar/Sweetpea Mehpok

Mehpok is a rice dish or rice porridge flavoured with meat, veg, herbs, it can be eaten as it is, or served as side dish. it is one of the favourite tribal dish of the Northeast India
Today lets cook Sweet pea Mehpok/ Rice Dish
Sweet peas
Short Grain Rice
Chicken stock
Cooking Soda
Salt to taste
Boil the short grain rice in a pot with water. Bring the flame down as we do not want the water to dry up too soon. This slow boiling continues till the rice become very soft and starts breaking then add the chicken stock and sweet pea cook for few minutes then add a teaspoon of ta-ngal (or a pinch of soda) and stir continuously for about 7 mins. Add salt and the dish is ready when the gravy begins to turn thick.

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Matar pok / matar dish/ savoury rice dish/ rice porridge/comfort food

Simple, Healthy and Delicious Mehpok is Ready
Serve hot!!

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  1. Tabi says:

    Can this be made without chicken stock?

    1. Dear Tabi, thank you for asking, yes it can be made without Chicken Stock, the flavours will be different but you can tempered it the way you want…

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