Dol | Colocasia Leaves

Dol | Colocasia Leaves

Dol, Colocasia Leaves, Arbi Leaves, Taro Leaves,Bal
Dol, Colocasia Leaves, Arbi Leaves, Taro Leaves

Locally known as Dol  is popularly known as  Colocasia Leaves or Arbi Patta or Taro leaves.  Almost all parts of the plant are used for cooking in different parts of India. The leaves, the thick stem and the roots of Colocasia is used differently to cooked different type of dish. In the Northeast(India) the fresh leaves and stems can be cook as curry as well as cooked with rice as a rice porridege or rice congee. The leaves and Stems are also dried and used for flavouring a dish by the tribal of Manipur, the Mizos and the Nagas.  Like Its roots, the leaves of Colocasia is a versatile dish.

I will be using this leaves for my recipe.

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  1. Jemjem says:

    Utti a huan din deih huai na e

    1. uti ah lim lua eimah voi, i will be updating dol uti recipe very soon…

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