Colocasia Root Recipe | Bal Meh

Bal (Colocasia Root) Meh 

Bal or Taro or Arbi or Colocasia roots  is a popular roots vegetables of the  hills of Northeast part of India.  It has a brown exterior and a creamy flesh.  This Starchy plant has a similar flavour with potatoes. It can be fry, boiled and is versatile. . In the Northeast Part of India it is cooked with dried meat or fish, or used for Eromba/Malta Meh/Chutney Ingredients..

Today lets cooked Bal the tribal way,  almost all of the tribal dish are boil/stew/steam  with exotic herbs that are  locally available in the state.

It is a simple recipe with very less Ingredients but taste delicious and easy to cook.


Bal / colocasia roots
Bawngsa hou / Smoked beef
Lengmasel / Herbs (Elsholtzia blanda)
Chi / Salt

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Bal Meh

How to Prepare/Cook?

Clean the colocasia roots by peeling off the brown cover and wash them, cut/chopped them into desired size and set aside.

Cut the smoked beef into small piece or as desired.

Clean the herbs/lengmasel (Elsholtzia blanda) and keep aside.

Now the Ingredients are ready to cooked

In a pot put the cut colocasia roots and smoked beef and bring to boil, then lower the flame to medium low, cover the lid and let it boil till the colocasia roots are soft and tender. Now add the herbs and and cooked for 2/3 mins and stir for few minute if you want a thick gravy, for those who prefer a light or clear gravy stir one or two time.

Your Bal Meh (Arbi dish) is ready. Serve with Hot steam rice!!

Happy Cooking!!!

(While cooking this my home if filled with the aroma of the herbs and it makes me hungry, now I cant wait for meal time.)


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