Bambooshoots Salad – Gotuai Maltameh

Bamboo shoots locally known as Gotuai/Mautuai  are the edible shoots of many bamboo species. They have a wide variety of culinary uses such as in traditional dishes  with sathu, ngathu , tangal meh or meh pok. They are sold in various processed shapes, and are available in fresh, dried, and canned. In Manipur(India), It is also fermented and preserved which is called gotuaithu/gotuaithuk/soibum. Cooking pork with fermented bamboo shoot is a popular dish among the tribals. It is also used in a wide variety of dishes as in Maltameh/eromba/ironbah, ooti and meh al/kangshu etc. Fresh Bambooshoots are also cooked with meat, or cooked as a mehpok  (rice porridge), or prepared with Fermented Meat Fats, etc.  Dreid ones are also as popular as the fresh and fermented bambooshoots. Fresh bamboo shoots are also pickled and is also one of the favourite among the side dish.

Bamboo shoots, Mautuai, Gotuai
Mautuai, Gotuai, Bamboo shoots

Today let us make Bambooshoots salad..

You Need (Ingredients) :

Gotuai/Mautuai – Fresh Bambooshoots
Voksa hou – Smoked Pork
Maltahing(sapmalta le zat thei) – Green Chili (or King Chili)
Lengmasel nah – leaves of Elsholtzia_blanda
Ngathu – Fermented Fish
Chi – Salt to taste

Boil the bambooshoots till tender and drain, pull  apart (or cut) into desired shape and size.
In the same way pull(or cut) the smoked meat(pre cooked) ans set aside.
Roast the Green chili, then the Fermented fish, pound them with salt and set a side.
Mix all the ingredients together with the Lengmasel nah.

Gotuai, Mautuai, Ngari, Ngathu< Bamboo shoots, Lengmasel, Elsholtzia_blanda, Maltahing, Roasted Green chilies, Smoke pork, Voksa hou
Gotuai/Mautuai Malta meh ::: Bamboo shoots Salad

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